Training Videos

We want updating your website to be as simple as possible, and with our intuitive back-end through WordPress, we believe that you have enough options to easily cater your website to your church or conference’s unique needs. Here are some videos to help you get started.

Videos Guides

Site Settings Overview

Learn how to log into your site and access your pages.
Logging in

  • Accessing site settings
  • Global template differences
  • Updating contact information
  • Homepage alert banner
  • E-newsletter sign-up

Updating Menu

Learn how to customize your site’s navigation so you can organize content.

  • Accessing navigation
  • Making top nav buttons
  • Adding new page to nav
  • Adding subpages
  • Linking pages
  • Show how update URLs (list on page)

Add a News Story

Learn how to add posts to the news section of your site.

  • Site settings: updating page copy
  • Accessing news listings
  • Add new story
  • Adding title
  • Adding body copy
  • Adding preview text
  • Adding image/video
  • Setting featured image
  • Adding/setting categories
  • Deleting news stories
  • Quick editing

Add an Event

Learn how to add new events to your site.

  • Accessing event listings
  • Add new event
  • Adding title
  • Adding information
  • Adding image/video
  • Deleting events
  • Quick editing

Building a New Page

Learn how to use our block editor to build a new page customized to your content needs.

  • Accessing pages
  • Adding new page
  • Adding title
  • Setting page settings (right hand menu)
  • Visibility
  • Templates
  • Slug
  • Featured Image
  • Add a block
  • Block types (header, image/text, accordion)
  • Features of selected block types
  • How to edit text
  • How to edit images
  • How to edit links
  • Previewing page (desktop/mobile)
  • Publish
  • Reminder: put in navigation