Case Study

Indiana-Kentucky Conference

Indiana-Kentucky Conference revamped their website using UCCE’s easy-to-use and modern designed website platform.

Why We Chose UCCE

Indiana-Kentucky Conference (IKC) was looking to modernize their website to improve the way they communicated with their key stakeholders online. IKC wanted a platform that had the ability to organize and grow an expansive resource library, and UCCE’s post library features met their evolving needs. Additionally, they wanted a website that users could have a great  experience using regardless of their prefered device. UCCE’s mobile-friendly design was a great fit. UCCE’s platform makes it easy to update content – from the primary navigation to building new pages to adding turnkey design elements. So, for a Conference on the move, UCCE was an easy choice to make.

Added Call-out Quote

UCCE’s team is experienced and helped us get started on our site. The platform comes with nice instructions and already-built templates, so we were able to launch quickly. We’re happy our website’s content is easy to update, and the UCCE support team will make system updates for us to ensure the technical details are managed. 

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