UCC Everywhere Pricing and Features

UCC offers two pricing options for UCC Everywhere sites. Churches can either pay $45 monthly or pay an annual fee of $469.

This fee also covers the following features:

Dynamic feeds sending fresh content daily (UCC News Digest and Daily Devotionals)

Access to an Evergreen Content Collection for social media

A learning center to help familiarize churches with their sites

An online giving portal

New Service:

$1,250 content help (10 hours)
For an additional fee, our professional copywriting and web strategy partners will help you develop and implement content on your new website. Participating churches will fill out a content intake form, which will then be edited, organized and turned into the site’s content, including SEO.

Adapt information received from church for each page

Assess what pages are needed; development of all pages

Search engine optimization for all pages/site-wide

Editing of the copy submitted by church for grammar and clarity

Set up navigation of the site based on congregation needs

Edit images needed for all pages on site

Brought to you by OPTIC: Office of Philanthropy, Technology, Identity & Communication

For additional questions about UCC Everywhere, please email ucceverywhere@ucc.org with your questions.

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