There are a lot of reasons to love the UCC Everywhere website builder. Here’s what UCCE members have shared about their experience and why the platform stands out from other website builders.

UCCE is another way to collaborate across the denomination, bringing local church ministries and the ministry of the national setting together.

It’s a platform designed specifically for churches, helping us clearly present our ministry with members and faith seekers. 

Platform features help us connect our website with our newsletter and social media pages.

UCCE’s dedicated customer support team understands church needs. They answer questions and addressed technical issues quickly. 

Our website provides our church and users peace-of-mind because it’s secure and WordPress updates are managed for us. 

The website builder is easy to use and update content. It’s simple to train people to use. 

It’s great to have a website that is easy to navigate for users of all ages and abilities. 

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